Glory dress

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Welcome to the world of refined and timeless fashion by Flavio Castellani. We are pleased to present the "Gloria" dress, a masterpiece of elegance and style that embodies the essence of our maison.

The Gloria dress is a celebration of sophisticated femininity, with its long and slender silhouette and refined details that capture attention. Made of soft high -quality pierced shirt, this dress is designed to wrap you with grace and comfort.

The torn style and the neckline to V add a touch of sensuality and refinement, perfect for special occasions that require an elegant and sophisticated look. The flavor at the bottom gives a fluid and light movement, while the black knitwear creates a bold and glamorous contrast.

Glory dress is the perfect balance between timeless class and bold modernity, ideal for women who want to stand out with style in every situation. Wear it for a gala evening, a romantic dinner or an important event and let your presence giving back.









6% polyester 

6% Poliamida 

Made in Italy

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