Top in Denim Simia


Welcome to the world of fashion Flavio Castellani, where the style joins innovation to create unique and distinctive garments. We are pleased to present the top in denim "Simia", a work of art of elegance and audacity that captures the essence of our brand.

The top Simia is an iconic garment that embodies the perfect fusion between comfort and glamor. Made with high quality denim, this garment offers an impeccable fit and comfort that will accompany you at any time of your day.

The intense blue color adds a touch of versatility and freshness to your look, perfect for being worn in every season and for every occasion. Its vibrant shade captures attention and adds a touch of liveliness to your style.

The rhinestones and bezels, expertly positioned along the top, add a touch of luxury and refinement. These sparkling details capture the light with every movement, creating a surprising effect that does not go unnoticed.

The elegant and contemporary design of the top Simia makes it a perfect garment for special occasions or to add a touch of glamor to your daily look. Wear it with jeans or elegant pants for a sophisticated and chic look.






100% cotton

Made in Italy

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