Fabiana skirt


Welcome to the world of fashion Flavio Castellani, where style and femininity merge harmoniously to create timeless masterpieces. We are pleased to present your skirt in the "Fabiana" jersey, an icon of elegance and refinement that captures the sophisticated spirit of the modern woman.

The Fabiana skirt embodies the essence of our brand with her female silhouette and the refined details that make it unique. Made of soft high quality shirt, this skirt envelops your figure with grace and elegance, offering unparalleled comforts and style.

The square fantasy adds a touch of liveliness and joy to your look, creating a fascinating visual effect that does not go unnoticed. This classic reason is reinterpreted in a contemporary key, giving the skirt an aura of modernity and refinement.

The skates, expertly integrated into the design of the skirt, add a touch of playful femininity, completing the ensemble with a touch of discreet elegance. The delicate and refined pink color completes the look, adding a touch of romanticism and femininity that will make you feel incredibly sophisticated.






65% viscose
35% Poliamida

Made in Italy


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