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Flavio Castellani's jacket is a masterpiece of elegance and style, designed for the modern woman who searches for refinement without compromise. The black color gives the jacket a timeless versatility, perfect for completing both formal and casual outfits.

The closing with hooks in life gives a unique tailoring touch, allowing you to model the silhouette in an elegant and personalized way. This detail underlines the artisan care that characterizes the Flavio Castellani collection, guaranteeing an impeccable fit.

The belt with "diamond" decoration adds a luxury element and femininity. This sophisticated detail, strategically placed in life, not only emphasizes the grace of the figure, but also gives a touch of distinctive glamor. The choice to use the "diamond" decoration highlights the attention to detail and the commitment to the creation of extraordinary garments.

The pockets with bandaged buttons complete the look with practicality and style. The care in the selection of buttons and their combination with pockets reflect the dedication to artisanal quality and elegance. These pockets not only add functionality to the head, but they are also a design element that further enriches the jacket.






48% cotton
46% Polyamide
6% Elastano 

Made in Italy
SKU: E24CL0109A@004_@@38___
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