DAFNE coat (eco -sustainable)


DAFNE coat works of contemporary elegance, combining refined style and environmental sustainability. This distinctive garment is conceived for the modern woman who seeks a sophisticated look without giving up ecological awareness.

The surface of the hood, made of high quality eco -leather, has a smooth and shiny finish, characterized by a processing that gives a premium appearance and a pleasantly soft sensation. This ecological material goes perfectly with the brand's philosophy, which aims to combine style and environmental responsibility.

The knobs, also in eco -leather, offer a touch of practicality and style, ensuring comfort on colder days without sacrificing the head aesthetic. The neck, wrapped in a luxurious eco -leather, adds an element of heat and refinement, further elevating the appearance of the hood.

The belt in life, also made of eco -leather, is a distinctive detail that allows you to model the silhouette, giving the garment a female and fashionable cut. This trick not only emphasizes life, but also adds a touch of versatility to the terminus.





 55% polyester 

45% polyurethane



100% ecola



Made in Italy

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