Purple dress


Welcome to the world of fashion Flavio Castellani, where style meets innovation in a timeless symphony of timeless elegance. We are pleased to introduce you to the "purple" downtime, a glamor icon and refinement that embodies the quintessence of our maison.

The purple dress is an ode to modern femininity, with its elegant silhouette and shimmering details that capture attention. Made with high -quality pierced lurex shirt, this garment is a combination of comfort and style, perfect for any special occasion.

The string style adds a touch of freshness and lightness, while the perforated details give an aura of delicacy and refinement. The decorative buttons, expertly positioned along the dress, add a touch of discreet elegance, completing the ensemble with a touch of timeless glamor.

The bright and vibrant gold color is a hymn to beauty and elegance, perfect for shining in every situation and highlighting your brilliant personality. The purple dress is an explosion of light and vitality that does not go unnoticed, ideal for those who want to stand out with style and safety.








20% metal fiber 

10% Poliamida 

Made in Italy

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