Light dress

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Welcome to the world of fashion Flavio Castellani, where elegance merges with timeless lighting. We are pleased to introduce you to the long "light" dress, an icon of refinement and grace that embodies the beauty of our brand.

The light dress is a celebration of femininity and elegance, made of luxurious satin that gently caresses the skin with its softness and shine. His long and sinuous silhouette is designed to frame your body with grace and elegance, creating a look that exudes sophistication and refinement.

The yellow coloring adds a note of brightness and vitality to the dress, capturing the essence of optimism and joy. This vibrant color is perfect for illuminating every occasion, from the elegant evening in the city to special occasions that require a touch of splendor.

The light dress is a design masterpiece, characterized by refined details that capture attention with grace and elegance. Its impeccable cut and the tailored details reflect the attention to detail that characterizes every creation of Flavio Castellani, while the timeless style makes it an investment for your wardrobe that will last over time.




100% polyester 

Made in Italy
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