The trench coat: timeless trend not to be missed this season autumn winter 2022

September 30, 2022

The classic and timeless from the absolutely unique charm. We are talking about the TRENCH COAT, the model that has been handed down for centuries but that never goes out of fashion.

When the trench coat is born

His name originates from the military sphere: Trench Coat means in fact "trench coat" and was originally used by the soldiers of the British army of the queen in the 19th century to protect themselves from rain and bad weather.
In 1879
Thomas Burberry then patents the fabric that will become iconic of the boss: the gabardine.

The Trech Today

By now we are used to seeing it in everyday life, in more environmentsFFIborn and in the more casual ones. That's why it's Perfect on any occasion And combinable with several outfits, you just need to know how to choose the right one.

Short or long up to the ankle, in lighter or winter fabrics, made with particular materials and with patterns suitable for all tastes. In short, The variants of the trench coat are practically infinite and its classic charm It is not lost in any of its variants.

But what are the best trench coats for the autumn winter 2022 season?
OfFFIchile to choose from all the possibilities that the trench coat oFFre, but surely there are some trend of

this season that you cannot miss!
One of the peculiarities that cannot be missing this year is that of
match the classic model

TRENCH A BELT TO LIFE To give a female and structured touch.

There is no shortage News in colors chosen for the creation of the new Trech models. Inevitable, in addition to the classic ones, colors inspired by nature, in particular the brown, hot or cold, which will be present without exception during the winter and which perfectly combines with the structure of this model.

Let's not forget the numerous variants of patterns and materials which make the traditionality of this model unique and innovative. Green light then a faux leather, clearly visible textures and details that give brilliance and light to the head.

If there is still no trench coat in your wardrobe, what are you waiting for? Choose now the perfect one for you!