The perfect invited

July 10, 2023
L’invitata perfetta

Weddings, baptisms, degrees, ceremonies and events In general: the season has officially started.

This kind of occasions can easily send people into crisis: since it is not always clear how it is more appropriate to dress you can fall into temptation in the'Wear all the beautiful things you have at the same time or, vice versa, opt for a LOK too Undronian, in the hope of going on the safe side.

To be theperfect invited, however, it is essential to know to balance Things, in order to be properly elegant without exaggerating.

The fundamental indication on what is best to wear many times is just on the invitation and, if it were not so, to give the indication is time of the celebration.

If it is held of day Then the ideal length for a possible dress is around the knee or exceeds it a little. A perfect example is ours Heavenly hibiscus dress, who, with his floral press represents ideal for a daytime event, or even theBluette dress, More appropriate for a religious ceremony thanks to the modest neckline.

If, however, that the event is held to evening Then you can show off a look more elegant, dressing wonderful Long dresses or whole suits.

In this case the discriminant is the location: in the event, it is an important, cosmopolitan place, as perhaps a rooftop With a view of the roofs of the city, then it is allowed to dare with a more sensual dress, capable of making you the real star of the evening. Our Arturo dress, with a precious fabric and the neckline on the dizzying back is ideal for the purpose, with him it is impossible to go unnoticed!

In the event that it is a more place romantic or bucolic, like one beach or an farmhouse, At that time more delicate looks They are recommended, such as, for example ours Long dress with ruffle Which certainly represents the right choice to express romance in an ethereal, timeless and soft lines.

Don't risk being tested by everyone, be the best dressed in your next event together with Flavio Castellani!