Looks for a perfect holiday!

July 28, 2023
I look per una vacanza perfetta!

The vacation I am around the corner and, while with a part of the mind we are already appearing on the beach, with the other, not without a certain anguish, we do not think not to think about What to pack.

Starting for a dream destination does not only mean immersing yourself in wonderful landscapes, but it is also the perfect opportunity for AndSprinkle your personal style and show off unique outfits in postcard scenarios. Imagine walking along sandy beaches, explore cities aFFAscinanti or immerse yourself in uncontaminated nature, all with a touch of elegance and glamor. Fashion is a form of creative expression, and your holiday can be the perfect stage to show the world who you are through your style.

However, often, we let ourselves be taken by the frenzy and end up carrying us behind or too many unnecessary things or not enough garments to be able to vary in the different looks.

Here is therefore A list of the most fashionable clothing of this summer 2023, to always be impeccable and make the world your stage!

Crochet clothes

For a carefree summer and free spirit embraces it Boémien style 70s' With skilled, tops and crochet trousers! It is a taste that always returns this season and that thanks, to his charm replied and a little nostalgic He never really goes out of fashion, representing an excellent investment For your wardrobe!

An example in key Flavio Castellani? Our top calendula Obviously!

Band clothes

This summer he frees his shoulders! Great trend of the moment are all strapless clothing, especially if we talk about vadherent exit, from the pencil Siluette, to show off both day that of evening. A sinuous and elegant garment in its simplicity which ranges from stretch to satin or silk fabrics.

For a more casual look we recommend ours Top Gabrielle, who, while remaining raFFIBorn thanks to the gold buttons, it is played down by its technical fabric.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for the perfect garment for an evening with friends, ours Elizabeth dress This is what it is for you, characterized by irreverent fringes.

Over shirt

The over shirts are the perfect garment for the summer thanks to theirs Lightness, comfort and versatility. They are ideal for aFFRun the hot days, allowing the skin to breathe and ensuring freedom of movement.

Can be adapted both a more elegant looks For a dinner that you bring to the beach as cover And, moreover, they slightly hide the figure of the body, being flattering for all silhouettes. In summary, the over shirts combine fashion and practicality, making it the perfect summer garment, just as ours shows us Lanana shirt, in 100% cotton and macramé details!

Which among the aforementioned garments do you already have, and which one do you miss? Now you are ready to shine under the sun and to aFFRun the season with style.
Wear your personality and let fashion be your ally together with Flavio Castellani!