Like TV series have influenced fashion

April 13, 2023
Come le serie tv hanno influenzato la moda

Already in the past we have told you about the influence that the TV series can have on our way of dressing, carrying out the example of Wednesday, Netflix Cult series from 2022 which relaunched Goth fashion, talking about the events of the eldest daughter of the Adams family.

Today we deepen this topic, presenting other examples of how some stories have fascinated us to the point to be inspired in the looks, making us want to live like their protagonists!


Series treating of the vicissitudes of an English aristocratic family of early 1800, the setting and costumes immediately captured the heart of viewers from all over the world, to the point of bringing back i pastel tones, the Floreal patterns and i corsets that characterize it.

Everyone wants to live like a real lady, take tea, and living the tricks of the court, perhaps wearing ours Alberta dress, perfect in such a context.

game of Thrones

Definitely less romantic than the previous series, the throne of Spade is the cult of our era par excellence, having involved millions of people all over the world. Inevitably this also involved fashion: details in skin And metal they returned strongly in our wardrobes and the hair began to intertwine, imitating the complicated hairstyles of the protagonists.


Completely different style is that of Euphoria: the series talks about teenagers struggling with gender identities, betrayals, sexual confusions and drug problems. The style of the protagonists varies a lot depending on the character, however in general everyone is united by LSexy, sparkling and androgens.

Our myrtle jacket It is certainly the perfect accessory to create looks inspired by the series and immerse yourself in its universe, real and engaging at the same time.

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